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Dr. Uve Samuels is an expert in the development of digital future concepts and disruptive business models. He is author, keynote speaker, advisor, coach and manager. With his book “Exponential Innovation” he has laid the foundations for the development of technology-based products and services. As initiator and CEO of SQUARE HSBA Innovation HUB, he has created a location where these business models can be developed. He draws his knowledge and impulses from his many and varied contacts in the fields of science and business in Europe, the USA and China.

As an “EXPONENTIAL PIONEER”, he is a mastermind for corporate visions and for Europe as a business location. His aim is to help Europe in its attempt to catch up with the USA and China by providing his own scalable solutions. For this, he is rethinking the areas of science and industry which must interlock and thereby stimulate each other. Only then can Silo structures be overcome and traditional blocks to thinking avoided. With his methods “Exponential Innovation” and “Dual Innovation”, he has developed his own approaches and put them into practice. In his book and lectures on “Exponential Innovation” he is passing on his knowledge to science and industry. Radical solutions have been developed and the possibilities of the technologies can be applied directly to the future.

Exponential business models are disruptive and are thus triggering a new era in digitalisation. They are created by the interaction of agile methods and state-of-the-art technologies in combination with interdisciplinary science and an industrially integrated economy. Due to the exponential character of these business models, they are growing at an ever-increasing speed and destroying classical linear structures and classical business models.

Dr. Uve Samuels

As CEO and innovation driver of the private Business School HSBA, Hamburg School of Business Administration, and SQUARE HSBA Innovation HUB, Uve Samuels is working closely at the pulse of business and science. Due to the dual structure of both organisations, he is closely linked to industry and knows the requirements of business and the possibilities of science.

His personal focus lies in the development of digital business models and the transformation of corporate cultures through agile innovation methods. To date, the innovation work of HSBA and SQUARE has resulted in the initiation of over 60 HSBA start-ups and over 100 transformation projects within companies.

Uve Samuels is a keynote speaker, moderator of workshops and executive meetings on the topics of digitalisation, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, transformation and technological development. He is a member of various management teams as well as of advisory and supervisory bodies.

As an innovation expert, he has initiated and developed numerous innovative products of the HSBA and SQUARE. These include the “Digital Innovation Lab”, the “Digital Tool Box” and his own “Innovation Street”. In his function as advisor and consultant to organisations and expert in corporate projects, he has supported numerous companies with concrete innovation work.

The topics of global sustainability and social responsibility are central themes of his work. The “Hanse Digital“, the “Ehrbare Kaufmann 4.0″ and the model of a “Digital Chamber” are three central initiatives aimed at making Germany and Europe more competitive as a business location, while at the same time keeping their value structures.

His particular passion is the analysis and design of ecosystems and innovation structures. A three-week deep dive into the Axel Springer Accelerator in Berlin and a several-week stay at the Accelerator Plug & Play in Silicon Valley in California as well as analyses of the innovation system in China have proved to be important and formative stages of his work.

Dr. Uve Samuels


Exponential innovation

How science and industry can jointly shape the growth of Europe and Germany through digitalisation

The Capital 4.0

Data and education are the new capital. Blockchain is our opportunity.


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